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CoolDog Productions produces the very best in High End Trick Dog Thrill Shows all across the US and covering the entire International spectrum as well. Our Team of Professional Stunt Dog Handlers and their Pet Stars performs at events all year long including Sporting Events, Special events, Theme parks, State /County Fairs, Major Festivals, Corporate Events and all Pet related expos, fairs, special events. We are currently looking for new sponsors, either on a full time/ Exclusive basis, or on an Event to event type basis. We spent the last nine years with an Exclusive sponsorship with Nestle Purina. Different levels of sponsorship are available. Please contact Lou Mack for more information about our sponsorship opportunities.

Promotional Opportunities

  • Grass routs Tour from coast to coast continuously throughout the year
  • Dominant Logo placement on custom Team Trailers, all Set Designs, vehicles, Apparels
  • Professional handler endorsements and use of Team images
  • Product and promotional giveaways
  • Interactive sampling opportunities with Team Handlers
  • On site Demonstrations
  • Team Website – Dominant Logo placements
  • Print collateral
  • Creative Promotional apparel, Frisbees, etc.

Build brand recognition via:

  • Strategic signage in main stage Canine Action Sports performances
  • Accurate, precise, to the point, positive messaging through all media Opportunities

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Eukanuba Logo

Iams Logo

Red Roof Logo


  • Friskies, Come and Get It , 90'-92' - 3 yrs.
  • PetSmart, 90'-92' - 3 yrs.
  • Natures Recipee, 93'-94' - 2 yrs.
  • ReeBok, 95'-97' - 3 yrs.
  • Oakley Glasses, 90' - 98' - 8 yrs.
  • Iams, 95'-97' - 3 yrs.
  • 3M Pet Supplies, 95' - 07' - 12 yrs.
  • Splash Pools, 99' - 01' - 3 yrs.
  • Special Projects ( Headsets) - 94'-06' - 12 yrs.
  • Purina, 98 - 07' - 9 yrs.
  • Hero Disc, 07 -
  • Quik Stage, 07 -

All of our Trainer/Handlers have been professionally Media Trained by the best in the business. Satisfaction guaranteed to all of our loyal sponsors as CoolDog Productions is aware of the importance of Media Messaging and delivering those messages at the most opportunistic times. CoolDog Productions continues to excel and provide opportunities for our supporters as a valuable Marketing tool and insure a positive return on all of our sponsors investments.

Once again we appreciate the continued support.


"A huge hit! Viva Las Vegas"


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"One of the most popular half-time shows we have had in years! "


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"Our crowds gave Lou and his amazing dogs a standing ovation. It’s was a first for us! "

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CoolDog Productions

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cell: (702) 525-3450


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