Over 25 years of providing the Very Best in Canine Trick Dog Thrill Shows, CoolDog Productions presents – JUMP! The Ultimate Dog Show along with JUMP! The Ultimate Dog Challenge. One of the most Exciting Canine Thrill Shows is a non Stop, Action packed Thrill Ride that showcases a variety of Breed and mixed breed dogs performing Incredible stunts, all choreographed to upbeat music. Billed as the X-Games for dogs, every show produces a One of a Kind staged Contest where the audience cheers for their respected team. A variety of Unique Dog Sport Elements such as Dock Diving, Trick Frisbee, High Jump (Step Up), Weave Pole Racing, Jack Russell Hurdle Racing, all combined with plenty of Novel Pet Tricks!!

Halftime – Sporting Event Specialist!! JUMP! The Ultimate Dog Show has provided the very best in Canine Entertainment for all Pro and College Sporting Halftime, Pre Game Festival and Special Event venues for over 25 years. Rated as one of the top Acts in the Industry, Lou Mack and his Amazing pack of dogs keep your fans energized, entertained and on the edge of their seats ready for the second Half to cheer their team to victory !!

Arena/Theater Productions – CoolDog Productions has provided many large scale Arena Style venues for 10-30,000 seating and more per show These 1-2 hour productions have received standing ovations from around the world for such clients as Purina South America, Iams / Eukanuba - Puerto Rico, Chile, Venezuela, Mexico, Spain, Europe, Asia, Canada, Hawaii and the Middle East. Stage sets, Props, lighting, large cast crews, from Development to PR to Technical and Logistical solutions, we cover it all world wide… Satisfaction Guaranteed!!

Production, Show Development & Consultation Services
CoolDog Productions can provide turnkey film production, including site set-up, event planning, public relations and marketing support, complete film production, casting, talent coordination, and professional show consultation.

If you’re opening a new theme park, planning a special event or implementing a new marketing strategy, we can help produce and develop all of your canine entertainment needs, including show development and/or consultation.

Professional Spokespersons
We can also provide the very best spokespersons for all of your media opportunities. Our experienced trainers, handlers, and spokespersons have all been trained by the top agencies in the country and will effectively and convincingly deliver your key messages when the cameras roll.

Film Projects
If your film project requires a unique look, CoolDog Productions has the resources andexperience to make it happen. We’re ready to handle all of your animal talent needs for any film-related production, including stills, studio, commercials, features, print ads and more. We’re happy to meet with you to discuss your project’s needs and how we can help you meet your objectives.

All Star Dogs and Gold medal Kids

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Unique Show Elements
We offer countless show elements that can be themed to suit any event (indoor and outdoor). We can also accommodate just about any type of surface you can imagine because we provide the best in synthetic turf for concrete and asphalt venues.

  • Trick Frisbee
  • Head-to-head agility racing
  • Timed barrel racing
  • Head-to-head fly ball racing
  • Canine step-up (high jumping)
  • Timed weave pole racing
  • Head-to-head weave pole racing
  • Dock diving
  • Jack Russell hurdle racing
  • Novel pet tricks
  • Vaudeville swing-time revues
  • Sheep herding demos
  • Stage revues
  • Ground acts
  • Themed revues
  • Contests
  • Live 4-piece rockabilly band incorporated into production


"A huge hit! Viva Las Vegas"


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"One of the most popular half-time shows we have had in years! "


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"Our crowds gave Lou and his amazing dogs a standing ovation. It’s was a first for us! "

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CoolDog Productions

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